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PhotographerTakao Ikejiri

ワールドワイドキャンペーン広告として、Clinique,CoverGirl,Estee Lauder,L’Oreal,adidasなど多数。

Takao Ikejiri was born in Japan. When he was 14 years old, he received his first camera. Takao studied photography in Tokyo and was inspired by artists such as Irving Penn and Akira Kurosawa. After moving to New York, he focused mainly on still life. His portfolio is interesting, the photographs are crisp, tidy and genuine.
Being a Virgo some of the characteristics come through to his photographs, particularly being perfectionist and happy workaholic. In addition, not afraid to experiment with special occasions. Another thing that he enjoys to do is to take care of his catfish and goldfish. Goethe, Takao’s favorite writer, sums up Takao’s philosophy and love of art in there few lines from Faust I: ‘When you don’t feel, you will grasp by art, Unless it swells out of your soul, And with sheer pleasure takes control, Compelling every audience’s heart.”


Ad: TASAKI、POLA、資生堂、Bvlgari Japan、MIKIMOTO、日本コカ・コーラ、高島屋

Editorial: Vogue Japan、GQ Japan、 東京カレンダー、婦人画報


Ad: Pantene, Estee Lauder, Cover Girl, CVS, Revlon, David Yurman, American Crue, Movado, Burberry, Absolut, Addidas, Esprit, Voss, etc.

Editorial: American Vogue, NY Magazine, NY Times Magazine, Details Magazine, Maxim Magazine



LUMO management は、日本、アジア、そして世界で活躍しているフォト/ビデオグラファー、スタイリスト、ヘアーメイクアップアーティストなどが所属をするマネージメント事務所です。撮影や制作に関するキャスティングやロケーションコーディネート、その他プロダクション業務も行なっております。海外に3DCG制作、フォトレタッチの部門も持っており、様々な面においてクライアントの思い描くイメージを具現化するお手伝い致します。

LUMO management is a Representative officer for Photographers, Make-Up Artists, Hair Stylists, and Stylists they work at not only Japan as well as Asia, and all over the world. Also, we take varies of shooting projects such as Castings, Location coordinates, and Productions. We have Photo retouching division and 3DCG creating division overseas.

東京都千代田区岩本町2-5-12 ユニゾ岩本町ビル2F
2-5-12-2F Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0032
TEL 03-5809-2412 FAX 03-5823-8062

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